Light but beautiful sailing condition crowns Pj-Potsma as first Winner of 2018 Sailing Series-M32 European Series

In a sunny  and warm Valencia it has been the last leg of the last race to decide the winner of the first Act of the 2018 Sailing Series.

Section 16 leading at the first mark with Team NL in fifth positon was the virtual winner for a while but this last making a come back of two places finished within the 3 points "confor zone" that was necessary to win overall.

Once more , as in the past season, the fight is very tight and Section 16 had to perform its best in a very close fight with the 3 times Olympian from Nederland.

But it was not only a battle of two, with Vitamina Veloce fighting until the last day when its helmsman Andrea Lacorte was suffering a minor phisical problem that did not permitted him to perform 100/100.

In fourth place was "Team Shark" with Guido Miani and fifth "The Vikings" with Patrick Sturesson.

Also today the "hot seats" program offered unique emotions to the Guest that have been sailing on board of the M32s making a great experience of sailing sthis high performance Catamarans.

The event in the beautiful Port America's Cup has proven once more how good and charming is this venue for all of us Sailors.

The warmth of the Spanish people, the sun, the wind, the set up on shore have been the basic ingredient for this succesful event.

Riccardo Simoneschi, organizer of the Sailing Series, thanked the Sponsors, "la Marina di Valencia" and Team NL with PJ-Potsma for their special contribute in organizing this event.

Special thanks went to PRO Mattias Dalsthom and safety team Moje Holmen and last , but not least, to the quality and experience of the umpire Maria Torrijo.

The teams and the "circus" are now heading to Marina di Pisa for the the next event that will be held from the 24to the 27th of may, the "151 CETILAR TROPHY-M32".

Stay tuned.

A selection of free downloadable pictures is available on Facebook (CLICK HERE)