Cetilar® meets Sailing Series®

Cetilar® is a unique product, launched on the market in 2016 and patented by PharmaNutra SPA, a nutraceutical company based in Pisa, Italy. Cetilar® is a topical cream with 7.5% of cetylated fatty acids (CFA), mainly used by athletes and sportspeople who do not want to give up on their passion due to skeletal muscle pain. Cetilar®,also available as Cetilar® Patch, improve and bring relief to joints affected by osteoarthritis, reducing skeletal muscle pain and helping recovery functional motion and mobility, which can also be beneficial to sport related injuries.
PharmaNutra SPA was established in 2003, by its Chairman Andrea Lacorte and its Vice-Chairman Roberto Lacorte, with their goal being to develop innovative nutraceutical supplements and medical devices. Since then, PharmaNutra has become synonym of excellence in Italy’s pharmaceutical industry, as well as European leader in the market of nutritional supplements, thanks to the SiderAL® branded products, based on Sucrosomial® Iron. PharmaNutra is a Group of around 50 employees, with 9 experienced researchers and a network of about 150 sales representatives. The Company operates in 38 countries worldwide through carefully selected distributors.
Thanks to its brand Cetilar®, PharmaNutra SPA is particularly active in the sports world, starting from football (it is Parma Calcio 1913 main sponsor), to running, sailing and motorsport.